Bubble Football

Today I will write something about bubble football. This new kind of sport start to be popular. You can also find it in Poland, it is starting to crawl. Thats why I found for you a shop where you can buy this bubbles :). From now you can play it wherewer you want :).Blue Bubble Ball with 1 Free Pump

Lets start from the beggining. This kind of sport is perfect for amateurs. You can play it on birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, picnics or anything you want. It could be also a great idea for business. It will finally make your event funny and everybody will have a great time. 

If you want make your ceremoney remembered by your guests for a long time, certainly bubble football can make it possible to achive.

Where you can buy a bubble?
I recommend this online shop: here 

The bubble „human hamster ball” - yes this it a real name of this bubbles:
- is about 1.5 diameter, you can also find 1.7
  • contains a human of 165cm-190cm
  • included carry bag for each ball and repair kit
  • free shipping to EUROPE !!! :) that is a good news
  • order delivery within 12 working days after payment
  • free logo painting (that is cool)
  • one year guarantee
  • clear colours

You can find in this shop a huge range of colours of this bubble. My favourite one is this with red dots. The price is about 169-173-219$ per one human hamster ball. I hope that you will check this out., and maybe find something perfect for you. I really want to try this on ;) if I will only have a possibility I will definetly try to play this game :). Who want to play with me? Look at the picture with men playing this game, it look so cool, and I am sure that they really have fun! Bubble Football

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  1. Fajny blog :-)
    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie http://www.mecooks.com :-)

  2. WOW! Pierwszy raz widzę cos takiego :)!


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